Ever since cushion foundations became“a thing” (thanks Laneige), I never went back khổng lồ using BB creams/Foundations in bottles or tubes again. Well unless, I receive some in my lăng xê mail~ But the thing is, even so, I just transfer my foundation from the bottle and refill my cushion with it. So yes, I am a total Korean cushion convert.

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The packaging is very sleek & I love the casing’s super velvety texture. It feels very nice lớn touch. Compared to my Kill Cover cushion, this one is not as bulky - which is a good thing! It also has some weight to lớn it so it does not feel quite flimsy. Well, it better not be flimsy because it’s pretty pricey at 1,750php (with refill)!


I got the shade Ginger, which surprisingly suits my pale skin tone very well. It’s supposed to lớn lean on the darker side but I guess it’s still considered‘light’, especially for most Filipina morena skin tones. I like that it has yellow undertones so it blends seamlessly to lớn my complexion. Unfortunately, this one is the darkest shade so if you’re very tan, you may still need khổng lồ mix it with a darker foundation.


It has a slightly watery consistency which perfectly explains why it feels very lightweight. It really lives up lớn its ‘velvet’ name tag because it glides smoothly & efficiently blurs out pores without making it look too thick on the skin. And even if I choose khổng lồ apply more amount, wearing one to three layers still does not feel heavy at all.

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I hope you vì chưng not confuse this Nudism Velvetwear Cushion khổng lồ the other Clio cushion called Nudism Water Grip Cushion. The Nudism Water Grip Cushion is very patchy & I stopped using it because I couldn’t stand the cushion holes!! (ughhh trypophobia)That one’s pretty disappointing for me, personally.


On the other hand, Nudism Velvetwear performs well on my oily, acne-prone skin. This one is very easy lớn blend và its lightweight texture suits this humid Philippine weather. While it does not offer coverage as heavy as Clio’s Kill Cover Cushion, I’d still give it a go because of its second-skin coverage. I’ll let my favorite concealers vì chưng the job of hiding my blemishes.

Clio’s Nudism Velvetwear Cushion smoothly lands on my favorites list! It’s a 4/5 for me. Missing one point goes to its lack of coverage và because Clio’s Kill Cover Cushion is still my winner! I would say that it’s a great everyday cushion for those who already have good skin và those who are always on the go. It lasts long despite my horrible oily skin, but at the same time, still gives my skin the right amount of hydration it needs. Its satiny/velvety finish has this tinge of sheen to lớn it which you’ll absolutely love if you’re into K-Beauty makeup!