<br><p>The types of dinosaurs available in the 3 chiều feature include Tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, triceratops, và spinosaurus</p> / Google<br>By  <br>Amelia Heathman<br>28 October 2022<br>G<p>oogle’s 3d animals kept us entertained during lockdown & beyond, offering the ability to see life-size or miniature digital animals - lượt thích tigers, sharks, & dogs - wandering around our homes.<p>Bạn đang xem: <a href=T

However, it’s not just modern-day animals that you can see using the augmented-reality tìm kiếm feature. You can also experiment with another roster of creatures: dinosaurs. & not just any dinosaurs, Jurassic World dinosaurs.

Google partnered with Universe Brand Development, Amblin Entertainment, and Ludia Games, the studio behind the Jurassic World Alive game, to lớn bring 10 isuacuacuon.edu.vnnic dinosaurs from the Jurassic World film to its tìm kiếm engine.

The types of dinosaurs available in the feature include the Tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, triceratops, & spinosaurus.

Ludia’s team was tasked with creating the creatures using 3d modelling, texturing, and animation.

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Speaking about the process, Camilo Sanin, Ludia’s lead on character creations, said: “Not only did we draw research from various forms of literature, our artists also worked with paleontologists and the Jurassic World team to lớn make the assets as accurate và realistic as possible. Even the smallest of details, such as irregularities of skin suacuacuon.edu.vnlour and patterns, are important.”

Aside from getting some of those tiny details right, there were some other suacuacuon.edu.vnmplications at hand. Unlike some of the other animals available using the AR feature, such as tigers & dogs, there was a sizing issue at hand when it came to lớn showcasing the dinosaurs in this digital manner.

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This won’t be an issue for apk phone owners, though, as the software’s new auto-scale feature can automatically calculate the distance between your phone & a surface in your space lớn resize the dinosaur, so it fits on your phone screen.

To access the feature, tap ‘View Actual Size’, và the AR-tracking công nghệ will automatically reposition the dinosaur in the space. Now that’s some smart tech.

On apk phones, search for “dinosaur” or one of the specific dinosaurs via the Google phầm mềm or browser. You should see a knowledge box with the dinosaur & a button that says “View in 3D”. Click on this and then explore the creature in 3D. On iOS, search “dinosaur” on the Google app, on Google Chrome or on Safari. You should seem the same knowledge box that will let you see the 3 chiều creature.

Want khổng lồ have some extra fun with the dinosaurs? You can create videos và photos featuring the creatures using the resuacuacuon.edu.vnrding option, và share them on social with #Google3D and #JurassicWorld. Happy dinosaur hunting.

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