Learn the ukulele chords for “Happy Birthday” with the easy lyric sheet below.

One of the most widely known songs in the Western world, “Happy Birthday” is a tuy vậy every ukulele player should probably know how to lớn strum!

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Included below are two keys so you can play the one that fits your voice the best. There’s also an ukulele tab that shows how to pick the melody of “Happy Birthday.” Both are pretty simple, but the picking in the key of F is probably easier.

Free Printable PDF VersionKey of C:

C G7Happy Birthday to you! CHappy Birthday lớn you! FHappy Birthday dear ! C G7 CHappy Birthday khổng lồ you!Picking: C G7A |--------|--------3--|--2--------------------|E |--3--3--|--5--3-----|-----------------3--3--|C |--------|-----------|-----------------------|G |--------|-----------|-----------------------| C A |--------5--|--3-------------------|--10--7-----|E |--5--3-----|----------------3--3--|---------8--|C |-----------|----------------------|------------|G |-----------|----------------------|------------| F C G7 CA |-----------------8--8--|--7--3--5--|--3-------||E |--7--5-----------------|-----------|----------||C |-----------------------|-----------|----------||G |-----------------------|-----------|----------||Key of F: F C7Happy Birthday to lớn you! FHappy Birthday lớn you! BbHappy Birthday dear ! F C7 FHappy Birthday khổng lồ you!Picking: F C7A |--------|-----------|-----------------------|E |--------|--------1--|--0--------------------|C |--0--0--|--2--0-----|-----------------0--0--|G |--------|-----------|-----------------------| F A |-----------|----------------------|--3--0-----|E |--------3--|--1-------------------|--------1--|C |--2--0-----|----------------0--0--|-----------|G |-----------|----------------------|-----------| Bb F C7 FA |-----------------1--1--|--0--------|----------||E |--0--------------------|-----1--3--|--1-------||C |-----2-----------------|-----------|----------||G |-----------------------|-----------|----------||
The weirdest thing about this tuy nhiên is that it’s actually in 3 phần tư time so be sure to lớn count one beat short of the normal four! 1…2…3…1…2…3…
To keep the beat going steady in this odd time signature, it can be helpful khổng lồ substitute a strum for a pick on the first beat. So instead of strumming your ukulele on every beat, you would play “pluck, strum, strum.” This really brings across that traditional waltz feel.

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It might sound a little goofy on a such a rambunctious, plodding tune like Happy Birthday, but it will force you to get used to lớn dropping one beat from the standard 4/4.

If you’re holding the right chord it doesn’t matter which cảnh báo you pluck! Because each string is harmonized by the chord, any chú ý you strike will work. I lượt thích a lower cảnh báo to emphasize the “low, high, high” pick, strum, strum pattern.

Visit the “Free PDF Version” link above for a PDF version of the melody in the key of F. This is also the best bet for people more comfortable with standard notation “sheet music.”