My reviews of Estée Lauder’s cult anti-aging serum, the best-selling Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, with a focus on its formula & its star ingredients.

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My review of Estée Lauder’s cult anti-aging serum, the best-selling Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, with a focus on its formula và its star ingredients.

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Product presentation: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

For a long time, I had trouble understanding exactly what Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (or ANR) serum was.

If I look at Estée Lauder’s communication, I understand that it’s an anti-aging serum. But more specifically, what does it contain lớn make it effective against the signs of skin aging?

The Estée Lauder brand never really communicated on the formula of the product, nor on the ingredients it contains. Their communication approach about the formula is kind of “old-fashioned”, & it’s funny because I realized that very few companies work lượt thích this now.

Having looked at so many formulas under a microscope và checking the ingredients of the products I use, it felt so weird lớn me, to lớn see a products that had no highlighted ingredients and talked about very abstract concepts like “the powerful ChronoluxCB™ technology”. This ingredient is supposed lớn “stimulate the natural purification of skin cells và help them lớn regenerate while you sleep”.

I must admit that nowadays, I need a few more concrete arguments to lớn buy a product. This is clearly the reason why I had never taken the plunge with the ANR until recently (well… that, & its exorbitant price).

But last year, I took an interest in fermented ingredients because I was writing a Focus article on the topic & I realized that the ANR contained a lot of probiotics in its composition.

Even if the fermented ingredients were not part of the original formula, they are now at the heart of the Advanced Night Repair formula, with Bifida Ferment Lysate as the second ingredient in quantity. This ingredient is particularly effective in repairing and soothing the skin!

This small brown vial has indeed been a repairing and regenerating serum since its creation in 1982. As we know that inflammation is an important cause of accelerated skin aging, it’s a great thing!

It’s also one of the first skincare products that used hyaluronic acid in its composition, for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

During the course of its numerous reformulations, Estée Lauder has also added antioxidant ingredients (including Kola nut, naturally rich in caffeine) lớn the formula of its best-selling product. The brand claims that its small brown bottle can protect the skin against 90% of the không tính phí radicals responsible for premature skin aging.

In 2009, the brand also included in its formula the famous ChronoluxCB technology, which is designed to lớn optimize the skin’s natural night repair mechanism so that it regains all its radiance.

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In 2013, the brand combined this công nghệ with catabolism technology, & added a complex of fermented ingredients composed of algae và yeast (Bifida Ferment Lysate), which boosts the skin’s natural cellular regeneration & also its self-repair potential.

With more than 25 existing & registered patents, the serum is now called Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II.

If I summarize, this ANR serum is therefore effective on:– skin repair, for soothed skin that is more resistant khổng lồ environmental aggression that causes it lớn age faster,– deep and long-lasting hydration (dehydrated skin generally appears older),– anti-oxidant (and therefore anti-aging) protection against không tính tiền radicals that can accelerate premature skin aging.


My experience:

I decided to lớn use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (or ANR) serum this winter because I thought it would be a good ally for my irritated skin because of retinol (yes, right now, my only criteria khổng lồ try a new skincare sản phẩm is: “Is it soothing?” Thank you so much, retinol!).

And also, I’m 40 now, so it seemed legit for me khổng lồ try this cult favorite skincare hàng hóa for mature skin ?

Considering the price, I thought that the 30ml format would be enough khổng lồ get a feel of the product. The bottle lasted me about 3 months, using it every night before my night cream.

The texture is very pleasant, quite lightweight và is absorbed quickly into the skin, without leaving a greasy film (I don’t know why, I was convinced that it would be a very rich product, & it’s really not at all). It’s perfect for my dehydrated combination skin!



I heard and read a lot of đánh giá of the Advanced Night Repair serum that talked about a “refreshed skin” in the morning.

I can’t really say that this is the result I had, but however, I really appreciated its immediate soothing and moisturizing effect. It was very pleasant!

As for its anti-aging effect, it will be difficult khổng lồ judge because it’s an anti-oxidant effect, therefore rather preventive and not really visible in the short term. Now I am a fan of anti-oxidant products that I have been using in my skincare routine for ages (so I definitely believe in their long-term effect!).


Value for money:

That’s where I’m a little bit skeptical about this product.

I can’t understand its price. Especially if I just look at the formula and its ingredients.

Obviously, Estée Lauder is a luxury skincare brand and at the time it was created, the Advanced Night Repair serum was unique và revolutionary.

Its formula is also patented (patents are very expensive for a brand) but quite honestly, I think you can find products that give similar results for 1/3 of the price (I’ll have the opportunity khổng lồ tell more about some of them in the future) (Edit: you can see the đánh giá of the “dupes” at the end of this one, in the đánh giá comparison