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Perfume is listed pretty high up in the ingredients danh mục so it’s not surprising that this does smell quite strong. However, it’s not unpleasant. I would describe it as a floral, somewhat sweet, scent.


The jelly is really lightweight and feels super soothing on the skin. It’s kind of cooling when you first apply it, but it gradually warms as you rub/pat it into your face. It dries down pretty quickly which I actually quite like, as it means you can go straight in with your sunscreen và makeup.

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The packaging isn’t too extravagant – the sản phẩm comes in a simple pink jar with a pale grey lid. A spatula isn’t included so if you don’t like dipping your fingers into products, buying your own might be a good idea.


The plastic jar appears khổng lồ be recyclable, as does the cardboard box it comes in. The box is FSC labelled & all the text is printed with soy ink which is a bonus!

Overall thoughts

While I like the idea of the Innisfree jelly cream, I vày think it’s lacking in some aspects. The brand doesn’t say it’s a moisturiser, but I did expect it to lớn be a little more hydrating than it actually is. You vày need lớn apply quite a thick layer to get the moisture that your skin needs – or at least the moisture that my skin does!

Since it is very lightweight, I feel this would be better suited for the summer when my skin leans more towards the oily side. So I’m definitely going to try it out again when the weather warms up. But for now, I’ll have khổng lồ stick khổng lồ something a bit thicker.

Other than that, I love the finish and the way it sits on the skin. It really does make your face feel soft to the touch! My foundation looks so smooth after using this jelly cream and there’s no pilling at all.

I only wish that the hydration aspect was there. Then this product would no doubt have 5 stars from me!

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