The V7 Toning Light
Alright let"s begin. Let me introduce lớn you the ultimate whitening hàng hóa that will put even the fairest of maidens to shame. This new tác phẩm in hand is the V7 Toning Light by Dr.Jart+ and is a miracle worker for those who are looking lớn achieving a snowy, glowy, white complexion. Now seeing as this phản hồi is coming from someone who is super tan (who is totally owning it by the way), I have been told that this hàng hóa is not suitable for medium lớn dark skin tones unless there is an absolute dire need of a drastic shade change. Of course, being the one who does not comply to lớn that order unless I see it for myself, I took a curious leap of faith và decided to give the hàng hóa a go.

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The texture
So before we begin this drastic change, let"s talk about the V7 Toning Light"s texture first. It"s creamy formulation reminded me somewhat of a delicious set of whipped cream and frosting, hence blending it out to lớn a desirably smooth consistency onto the skin. Now it does not really absorb as fast as I had hoped for the texture is rather thick, so its best khổng lồ take it in bit by bit & slowly work the essence into the skin in circular motion.With regards lớn the fragrance, the V7 Toning Light has somewhat of a citrus-type scent which I loved and during application, it is noticeable that it reduces & evens out yellow tones quite a bit. It is said khổng lồ be recommended to use the V7 at the last step of your skincare routine before applying makeup or heading to lớn bed, but in my experience I would prefer lớn use it during the day, best before applying BB Cream.

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With & without
Lo & behold the transformation! *Just kidding* Though you have khổng lồ admit, it is not as much of a change as you would expect right? Yes it was certainly not the sort of geisha looking makeup as one would expect but you can definitely see a considerable amount of difference looking at the before & after.Now for the moment of truth. What bởi vì we think? Well lớn simplify things, I have decided to list down them down in point khung for easier reference for you all to lớn take a look at.Pros:Brighter ComplexionLeaves the face feeling smooth and matteEvens out yellow skin toneMoisturizing and gradual skin brightening after 3 weeksNon-StickyCons:Very light coverageTexture does not distribute well on the face unless taken little by little và blended properly
Overall thoughts
As for it being not suitable to lớn darker skin tones, to lớn some extent I have lớn agree. For those who have are blessed with yellow undertones (like mine), this might work well in your favor, however for those who rock a beige or pink undertone, it might come out slightly grey & a little dull. Even so with the V7 Toning Light, it is always recommended khổng lồ apply light amounts of the product onto the face as to not heavily overdo it. You really bởi vì not want lớn look like an overnight geisha after all.So if you would like to find out more about Dr. Jart+ V7 Toning Light Cream, you can vị so at their Official Website & Facebook Page. In the meantime, the price retails at RM169 for a 50ml jar and is available at all Dr. Jart+ counters in Malaysia.Xx!