This troubleshooting page will help you resolve common issues with your Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge+ device.


Sometimes the app android software the device runs will stop being responsive to lớn finger taps và input. An easy fix is to lớn turn the device off & on again. If the problem persists it may be an issue with a certain ứng dụng or the game android operating system itself. If the device becomes unresponsive only in a specific app then the application is likely the culprit, otherwise you may need khổng lồ update or restore the device due to software issues. If these options fail the device may have suffered some form of physical damage and may need parts lượt thích the motherboard replaced.

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Device is running slow

If the device is too slow khổng lồ load applications then it may be because there is a virus or a malicious application on your device eating up resources. In order to lớn resolve this issue you have to options: booting the device into safe mode or completely restoring the device.

Booting into safe mode

In order khổng lồ boot into safe mode press and hold the volume down; once the hình ảnh sản phẩm appears stop pressing the power button và keep pressing the volume button. If you succeeded safe mode will be displayed in the bottom corner và all 3rd tiệc ngọt apps will be disabled allowing you to lớn remove the potential malicious software.

Booting into recovery mode

If all else fails và your device still is abnormally slow & freezes you might need khổng lồ boot into recovery mode và restore the device. In order to bởi vì this you need khổng lồ press the power button, the volume up button & the trang chủ button. Once the phone vibrates, release the power key but continue holding the other keys.

Restoring the device

Once you boot into recovery mode you can wipe the cache partition và this may fix device slowness and unresponsiveness. However you may need to lớn go on with a factory restore. To vì this, boot into recovery mode & volume down to wipe data/factory reset.

Device having difficulty connecting lớn wireless internet

Sometimes, the phone will be slow khổng lồ connect khổng lồ wireless internet, or fail to lớn connect entirely. This can be caused by either a glitch in the phone itself, or the device being too sensitive in evaluating signal strength. The first troubleshooting step to lớn take is khổng lồ try to restart the device & reconnect. If the problem persists, your problem may be one of the following issues:

Wi-Fi not turning On

You may need khổng lồ attempt a cache reset on your phone, instructions for doing so can be found at this guide page. If that does not resolve the issue, you may need lớn restart your phone or perform a full factory reset. If the restart does not resolve the issue, be sure to backup your information before performing a reset. If those steps bởi vì not resolve the issue, it is likely a hardware or firmware problem.

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Wi-Fi constantly disconnecting và reconnecting

Start the phone in safe mode and check to see if you have installed an application that may be causing the problem. If the problem does not occur while in safe mode, then it is likely an app you have installed. Find what tiện ích it is và uninstall it. If that does not work, try wiping the cache partition while in recovery mode. If the problem persists, back up your phone data and do a full factory reset.

Device battery dies prematurely

Premature battery death can be a symptom of multiple problems, such as too many application being xuất hiện at once, a faulty charger, or a battery past its useful lifespan. Solving this issue depends on which issue is the underlying problem.

"Cleaning up device apps

The easiest of the 3 would be khổng lồ ensure that you go lớn the Task manager (by tapping the square button on the home row) & then tapping the “Clear All” button. This will stop all currently running apps in memory and không tính tiền up resources on your phone. Also ensure that any wireless services you have turned on (such as Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC) are actually in use, & turn them off when done using that particular service. Look through your app list lớn uninstall any unneeded apps, as these apps may start themselves up in the background and shorten your battery life.

Checking device charger

"If the first solution does not fix your problem, then ensure that your charger is functioning correctly. Try borrowing a friends charger (check both the charger and power brick) & see whether the device charges faster & keeps the charge longer.

"Replacing the device battery

If that diagnostic fails lớn produce any results, then it most likely is a result of the battery outliving its usefulness. In this case you must order & replace the battery of your device.

SD thẻ Won’t Connect

If your device fails khổng lồ recognize the SD card, it can mean that one of the following has happened: the SD card has been corrupted by malware or a virus, the SD thẻ has been damaged (note: older generation SD cards tend lớn be of poorer quality), or that the device itself has a hardware issue rather than the SD card. In order to kiểm tra the card itself, simply remove it from your device and insert it into a known, working device. If the second device doesn’t recognize the card, you will need lớn replace the SD card. If the thẻ works, the issue is with the device itself.