In October 2020, Samsung got rid of its popular Smart View app for controlling Samsung TVs. Here"s how to lớn use the SmartThings phầm mềm that replaced it.

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Back in 2020, Samsung removed the Smart View phầm mềm that allowed users khổng lồ turn their smartphones into remotes for Samsung TVs. In place of the app's absence, Samsung didn't leave device owners without another option. Samsung's SmartThings ứng dụng can vì chưng many of the same things, including acting as a remote for a TV & a master control point for an entire smart home.

The Smart View tiện ích was created as a way for users khổng lồ control their Samsung TVs with their phones. They could change channels, increase và decrease the volume, as well as make other adjustments. The most useful feature of the tiện ích was the ability to stream content from a phone to a TV. The feature itself is still available, but the phầm mềm that was used to complement the streaming is what's gone.

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How The SmartThings app Works


SmartThings is a software development company owned by Samsung that works to lớn connect all smart devices in the home. The SmartThings app, lượt thích the Smart View app, works as a controller for Samsung TVs. However, it does much more than that as it can also control other compatible devices as well. Therein is arguably the biggest difference between the two apps. While Smart View worked with TVs, SmartThings works with the whole smart home.

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The SmartThings phầm mềm can control multiple devices, but in order to vì so, users must have a SmartThings hub (or a 'brain') lớn wirelessly connect all their smart devices together. Users can get a smart hub, Wi-Fi router, or even a security hub to vày this. Once phối up, users can liên kết their devices together through the hub or links them through the ứng dụng itself. In order to địa chỉ devices lớn the SmartThings app, mở cửa it and tap the '+' sign in the top-right corner. Users can also connect lớn many devices & organize them by room, and once connected, the user will be able to make many on-demand changes khổng lồ the device (such as adjusting the temperature of a thermostat or turning lights on or off).

After connecting a compatible Samsung TV to lớn the Smart Things app, using the controls are very simple. Xuất hiện the app, tap the 'Menu' button, tap 'All devices,' và then select your TV from the list. This immediately shows a virtual TV remote right on your phone, with controls that should be similar lớn anyone who used Smart View. You can use this virtual remote to change the volume/channel, go khổng lồ the TV's trang chủ screen, initiate a voice command, change inputs, and even turn the TV off.

SmartThings also makes it easy lớn mirror your phone's screen directly to lớn your TV. Lớn get started, mở cửa the SmartThings app & follow the same steps above lớn find your TV. Mở cửa the settings for the TV, tap 'More' (the button that looks like three dots), & tap 'Mirror screen (Smart View).' Tap 'Start now,' grant necessary permissions if the app asks for them, và that's all there is to it! The dedicated Smart View phầm mềm may be gone, but all of its functionality lives on just the same in Samsung SmartThings.


Samsung SmartThings is much more than just an app. Samsung has expanded this technology, with more than 300 partners now using its protocol. Popular brands lượt thích Ring, Philips Hue, Bose, Sonos, Arlo, Nanoleaf, & many more have adopted SmartThings integration for their products, and even popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can be used to control SmartThings-compatible devices.

Users can choose from connected refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, ovens, robot vacuums, dishwashers, air conditioners, and other trang chủ appliances that work with SmartThings, và control them all with a single app. Samsung has also introduced the SmartThings Station, a hub which can connect & control all these devices & others, like smart lights, thermostats, power outlets and more. The SmartThings Station has a Smart Button which can start up to lớn three routines with single, double, or long press action. Additionally, Samsung's smart trang chủ hub even doubles up as a wireless charging pad.