MAC Chili Swatches & Review

Indian women fit into two categories, those who wear red lipstick and those who don’t. Most of us are very hesitant khổng lồ wear a bold color, và for good reason. The wrong red can be disastrous. The first time I tried on a red lipstick, my friend told me I looked lượt thích “Chameli”. Definitely not something one wants to lớn hear. It took me a while khổng lồ find my red và to find the confidence lớn wear it.

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Now every time reds are mentioned online, especially with MAC lipstick, the most common ones are MAC RED, MAC RUSSIAN RED & MAC LADYBUG. My red is MAC Chili , I haven’t seen much about this lipstick, but that’s coz its quite an interesting lipstick, và from my experience one that suits Indian skin a lot, especially those with the medium lớn dark complexions.

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MAC Chili lipstick

The màu sắc in the tube as you can see, looks more lượt thích a brownish red ….

MAC Chili lipstick swatch

On the swatch however it looks less brown & more of an orangey-red…… The MAC trang web describes the màu sắc of this lipstick as Brownish-Orangey- Red

MAC Chili & MAC lip pencil cherry swatch

On the left is MAC Chili & on the right is a swatch of the MAC lip pencil Cherry. In the swatch Cherry looks lượt thích a RED RED, but its actually got a bit of pinky tone as well. Cherry is also an amazing red, sometimes when I feel really daring I use Cherry all over the lip and top with transparent gloss