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Small & attractive! Simple button format is easy to lớn use. Sterile closed system. Good vacuum strength and battery life.

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When I entered the restroom at the ski lodge, a sulky snowboarder teenager was already occupying its one bench. She sprawled across it, texting furiously, and looked up when I stood in front of her. "Excuse me," I said. "I need to sit here."

"Why?" she said, confused. To lớn all appearances, I was just another snowboarder, carrying a zip pouch the kích thước of a sandwich bag.

"I need lớn pump breast milk & I don’t want to lớn put all my stuff on this trash can," I said. "We can share, if you want."

She scooted over & tried to keep texting. But as I attached the bottle to lớn the Spectra S9 Plus breast pump và turned it on, it became clear that our quarters were uncomfortably close.

Fifty decibels is quiet—it’s about as loud as electrical transformers humming high overhead—but it’s not that quiet when you’re sitting elbow-to-elbow. She got up in a huff & left, but I was already scrolling through Twitter on my phone. Sorry, teenager, you can’t embarrass me. I’m a mom.

Mini Me

Not every nursing parent needs khổng lồ pump milk for the same reasons. While many working mothers benefit from using a hospital-grade double pump khổng lồ produce as much milk as possible, many others might not need that kind of power.

If you need a pump for brief day trips or evenings away from your infant, you might have considered purchasing a smaller, more affordable, & more portable manual pump pump. But if you’d rather not sweat over a manual pump handle, like Daniel Day-Lewis in the beginning of There Will Be Blood, you might want khổng lồ consider a small rechargeable pump like the Motif Duo, or the Spectra 9 Plus.



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I was excited to lớn try the 9 Plus because of how much I lượt thích the Spectra S1. The S1 is affordable, attractive, efficient, and it has a closed system, which means that a small rubber membrane blocks the possible flow of milk back up the tubing & into the pump mechanism, where it could threaten the milk’s sterility.

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The 9 Plus, Spectra’s latest, rechargeable, portable pump, incorporates Spectra’s advantages into a much smaller và more convenient package. The 9 Plus is much, much smaller than the S1. I measured it at 3 x 5 x 1.8 inches (the S1, for comparison, measures roughly 7.5 x 7.5 by 8.5 inches). I weighed it at 9 ounces, or a little over a half-pound.

It doesn’t have a useful belt video clip like the Freemie Liberty. But it is small enough lớn fit into a bathrobe pocket, or in an unobtrusive zip pouch.

The pump takes a little under two hours to lớn charge the 9-volt battery. Each charge lasts a little less than the S1’s—two to three hours, as compared lớn the S1’s four hours (the S1 and S2 also boast a more powerful 12-volt battery). However, I did find that the battery adequate for two lớn three days of pumping twice a day, for 15 to đôi mươi minute pumping sessions apiece.

It also uses Spectra’s flanges và backflow protectors. The 9 Plus came with one mix of flanges, which luckily are in my kích cỡ of 24-millimeters. However, if they weren’t, I would have had lớn order another set. Spectra offers them in 20-, 28-, & 32-mm sizes.

The 9 Plus has a simple layout. A xanh backlit screen displays the timer, mát xa or expression mode, & the vacuum level. The mas sa mode ranges from levels 1 lớn 5, và expression mode ranges from levels 1 khổng lồ 10, with the highest cấp độ of vacuum at a comparable level of 280 mmHg. It also shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.

The pump’s face has just four buttons: One lớn turn the pump on, one to switch from massage lớn expression mode, và two to lớn turn the vacuum màn chơi up and down. Unfortunately, there is no way to lớn control the frequency & the vacuum màn chơi independently of each other.

I prefer Spectra’s equipment thiết đặt to the Motif Medical Duo for a few reasons. First, the breast shield and flange are one molded piece, rather than two. The fewer parts there are, the fewer there are to lớn lose và assemble. With the Motif, the detachable breast shield occasionally pops off while pumping with a hands-free bra.

And as I mentioned, the pump is not quite as quiet as its advertised 45 decibels, but I find 50 decibels khổng lồ still be pretty hushed. It was small enough khổng lồ stick in the pocket of my cardigan và read while I pumped, and entertaining khổng lồ watch both my spouse and our babysitter walk past & repeatedly wonder aloud, “What is that sound…?”