Today I"ll be reviewing this lip product from Vaseline called Rosy Lips Lip Care. I"ve been wanting lớn buy this for so long but I am not really a tín đồ of lip balms so I didn"t bother but then Unilever had a huge sale last June so I took the chance & finally bought this for myself to try. It was really hyped before & now we"ll see if it does live up to lớn the hype.

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Relieves dry, dull and cracked lips, while locking in moisture khổng lồ help them healHelps to lock in moisture for beautiful, healthy lipsGives lips a natural, glossy shineMade from pure Vaseline JellyProvides long-lasting moisturization & lip careChoose from original, rose, cocoa butter, và crème brulee scented lip balmNon-sticky, non-greasy formula, suitable for regular use
Honestly I am not sure if they have changed the packaging or the branding of this product, because on the Vaseline trang web it says "Lip Therapy" instead of "Lip Care". There are a lot of kém chất lượng Vaselineproducts floating around, but I am pretty confident since I bought this from the official Unilever cửa hàng from Lazada Mall.

This hàng hóa is the mini version, & you get 7g of sản phẩm inside this dễ thương little tub. As per directions, you can apply as needed khổng lồ moisturize và soothe dry lips.

When I first saw the packaging, I really thought that the cover was attached lớn the base packaging. Turns out its a separate cover instead. It"s quite easy to open, so I hope that it doesn"t really open by itself when put inside a pouch or make-up bag.

Looking at Vaseline"sofficial website, there are four variants of this particular sản phẩm - Original, Cocoa Butter, Rosy & CrèmeBrulee. Since I already have the good old petroleum jelly, I decided to lớn get something with màu sắc instead and since pink is one of my favorite colors, I decided to get the Rosy variant.

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Here"s a swatch of the product on my hands. I don"t know why but I was expecting to lớn see a bit of color, even the slightest pink hue on my hands. Unfortunately, it"s really just like that, similar to lớn regular petroleum jelly. But it smells so good. I can"t tell if its roses, but the faint smell is really nice.
Now I"ll show you the before và after of my lips. I have been using this hàng hóa for at least a month now, applying it religiously every night before I go lớn sleep.
The photos on the left are the before photos, prior lớn application of the lip care product. As you can see my lips are really pigmented with dark spots. The photos on the right shows my lips after applying the product. Just lượt thích the swatch on my hand, its transparent with no hint of color.
As you can see, the Vaseline lip product instantly gave life lớn my dull lips. It looked a bit healthier & alive, I guess because its somewhat glossy? But it wasn"t heavy on the lips lượt thích petroleum jelly. I actually quite lượt thích it, despite the expectation of it giving my lips a red/pink hint of color.
Overall, it wasn"t what I was expecting but I wasn"t fully disappointed as well. I still lượt thích the product, và will continue using it until I fully consume the whole small tub. Hopefully the results in the over will be worth the effortof applying this every night (if I don"t forget lol). As for repurchasing, I might buy again if the over result will be really good after 1 small tub.
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