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Windows truyền thông media Player is a very popular không tính phí music player that is installed by mặc định on the Windows operating system. Windows truyền thông Player software with many convenient features capable of resizing quickly.

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You can create music playlists khổng lồ listen to lớn music according khổng lồ your preferences instead of having to lớn choose music in your computer’s music store every time you use it.

Nowadays, we have a lot of đoạn phim playback tools, và high-quality music players such as VLC, KMPlayer, etc., but Windows truyền thông media Player is still trusted by many people as a habit and as a music player. Most formats are available today.

With the Windows truyền thông Player version, the publisher Microsoft wants khổng lồ give loyal users a completely new music player application. In addition to lớn the previous features, the experience has been great. Along with playing music, the application also supports us to manage và classify music files extremely conveniently. Tải về Windows media Player lớn get a music player application with many unique utilities.

Recently, Microsoft released version 12 with many chất lượng features và impressive music playback capabilities to help you relax with your favorite songs. In Windows 7, và Windows 8, this version of 12 is already installed. Links to download Windows truyền thông media Player 12 for Windows XP operating system.

Windows media Player 12 is capable of recognizing & playing most audio and video formats. In addition, it also allows synchronization of digital media files with điện thoại devices and online shopping of digital truyền thông media content.

Windows truyền thông Player Main Features & Highlights

Media Library: This is a feature that helps you create your own library. In this library section, you can select items lượt thích Music lớn choose from. With this section, you can select items such as Artist (artist), album, and composer (author) to choose from. Or Video, here you also have many suitable items to lớn choose from. The same goes for images và other folders.Preview Feature.

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This is a relatively good function, it supports users to able to lớn interrupt the running tuy nhiên instead of another favorite song. When you choose this function, you click on the preview of your favorite song, it will automatically pause the running song to play the preview tuy nhiên you selected. If you don’t lượt thích listening to the preview song, you can play back the original tuy vậy correctly, that is, it will immediately resume the part you cut off, not the beginning.Create a Favorite Playlist:In the series of songs, there are definitely songs that go along with your years. I want to put it in a favorite Playlist so I can listen to lớn it at any time. When you create this playlist, it will appear right on the main screen for you to easily find.Manage Music Files.Among thousands of songs you download. Are you wondering how you should arrange it for ease of finding và convenience? Please use this feature. They can be sorted by music genre such as revolutionary young music, foreign music… If you are more meticulous, you can sort by singer’s name or author’s name…..

How to download Windows truyền thông Player 32-64 bit for Windows 7/10 PC

The tải về and installation setup of Windows truyền thông Player is very easy. Just follow the following steps:

Download Window media Player as we have a clean và virus-free setup.Once the tệp tin finishes downloading click to open the file.Run the Window truyền thông media Player installer.Clicking on the ‘Install’ button, the Window truyền thông media Player thiết đặt window will appear. Users can choose whichfile typesthey prefer to lớn associate.Window truyền thông media Player is now installed on your computer and you can start using it for playing music and clip on your PC.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows truyền thông Player on Windows PC

Windows truyền thông media Player (abbreviated WMP ) will not be strange software to computer users, this is an application available when installing Windows on a computer. This is a music player and video clip player that can read many popular file extensions. Besides other video viewing software such as KMPlayer, VLC truyền thông media Player … Windows truyền thông media Player is still trusted because of its universality và convenience, simple và easy-to-understand interface.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows truyền thông media Player

For convenience in listening lớn music & watching videos withWindows truyền thông media Player, please refer khổng lồ the following menu of keyboard shortcuts.Summary of the shortcuts introduced below is used in bothWindows media Player versions 11 & 12, when using, mở cửa the browser.

Combination of keyboard shortcuts that control the properties of a music or video file

F9:Volume upF8:Volume downF7:MuteCtrl + P:Play/pause music or videoCtrl + S:Stop playing music or videoCtrl + B:Play a tệp tin aheadCtrl + F:Play the next fileCtrl + Shift + B:RewindCtrl + Shift + F:RewindCtrl + Shift + G:Play faster than normal speedCtrl + Shift + N:Return to lớn normal speedCtrl + Shift + S:Play slower than normal speed

Combination of shortcuts in the Play menu

Alt + P:List of commands in the Play menuCtrl + H:Play files in the các mục randomly, out of orderCtrl + T:Repeat playback of the playlistCtrl + Shift + C:Turn titles & subtitles on & offCtrl + E:Open or close CD/DVD drives

Keyboard shortcuts in the file menu

Alt + F:List of commands in the tệp tin menuCtrl + O:Open a fileCtrl + U:Open a URL on the internet to play musicCtrl + W:Close or stop playing a tệp tin anymoreCtrl + N:Create a new music playlistCtrl + D:Edit the menu of current filesAlt + F4:Exit

Combination of shortcuts to tư vấn copying from CD

Alt + C:Copy songs on CDAlt + S:Stop copyingAlt + A:Show/Hide album nameAlt + I:Show/Hide Album information

Combination of keyboard shortcuts khổng lồ support media Library control

F1:Open helpAlt + I:Show or hide album informationAlt + A:Show thực đơn from Play menu buttonAlt + S:Hide or show the search dialogAlt + N:Find the saved collectionAlt + D:Show menuCtrl + N:Create a new post list

Combination of keyboard shortcuts to support copying songs

F5:Update informationAlt + A:Edit playlists of saved songsAlt + C:Copy selected files khổng lồ devicesAlt + L:Stop copyingDelete:Delete selected filesCtrl + 2 times the + sign:Change the width of the columns Title, Status, Length, SizeCtrl + J:Exit the CD/DVD from the machine.

Combination of keyboard shortcuts in the View menu

Alt + V:List of commands in the View command menuCtrl + M:Show thực đơn bar in mặc định window modeCtrl + I:Capture image from DVDAlt + Enter:Show full-screen modeCtrl + 1:Show window as a music libraryCtrl + 2:Show skin as selected skin interfaceCtrl + 3:Display the music playing interfaceAlt + 1:Display clip at một nửa scaleAlt + 2:Display video at 100% scaleAlt + 3:Display video clip at 200% scale