No one ever said dealing with acne was ever fun. Yet, sometimes we just have those bad breakout days! What can we vì chưng about it, though? These Hiruscar Acne products just might be the answer!

I have dealt with acne since I was 11 years old. Overtime, I learnt to lớn grow unbothered by it. However, once I started showing interest in makeup, those pesky pimples became an annoyance as the products I placed over them caked around the pimple — I could never achieve the “flawless foundation routine” that many Youtubers brag about.

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Over the past decade, I have tried countless acne products và while none worked long-term, I continued my hunt for the hàng hóa that could treat my spots. Carrying on this journey, I’m going to be sharing my routine on how I incorporate Hiruscar’s Anti-acne Spot Gel & Post-Acne Spot Gel into my daily routine.


Hiruscar Anti-acne Spot Gel

Let me start off with Hiruscar’s Anti-acne Spot Gel. This gel works to lớn remove dead skin cells và control sebum secretion. All the while balancing skin’s moisture level, reducing acne recurrence, & sooth redness caused by breakouts.

Now, let’s have a look at their ingredient list!


1. Hyaluronic acid, skincare’s most famous ingredient! Hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the surrounding air to ensure your skin remains well hydrated. I remember that I once thought that my oily, acne-prone skin wasn’t deserving of moisture because it produced enough on its own. Well, I soon realized that was nothing but a myth! Hydration is necessary for all skin types — oily, dry, or combination!2.

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MPS (it’s a long, science-y name that I will save you from seeing) essentially helps speed up the productivity of hyaluronic acid.3. Salicylic acid — every acne-prone person’s favourite ingredient! It works as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells, and helps to unblock your pores4. Allium Cepa which sida in reducing acne breakouts5. Bisabolol and Aloe Leaf, both great ingredients that soothes irritated skin!6. Vitamin C an antioxidant known khổng lồ help lighten acne scarring/hyperpigmentation7. Laricyl that has pore-tightening and moisturizing benefits for your skin

Here’s how I use it: (you can adapt it lớn your own routine!)

1. Cleanse my face 2. Use my toner right after3. Moisturize, never forget lớn moisturize!4. Apply the Anti-acne Spot Gel right on my breakout

Hiruscar’s Post-acne Gel


1. MPSAllium Cepa but we already discussed all the good stuff above