Since I decided to start wearing liquid foundation I started scouring the drugstore makeup aisles & making multiple trips lớn Sephora & Ulta. I wanted lớn find a medium lớn full coverage foundation that wouldn’t irritate my acne-prone skin and could stand up to my oily skin.

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This brought me to the Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-free Foundation. Now Neutrogena wasn’t my first choice or even in my consideration set. Not because of the foundation formula but because of their limited shade range.Neutrogena was known for only having foundation and powder shades for lighter complexions. Và while I’m not on the deep deep part of the shade range I’m nowhere near the light side either.

After doing some YouTube searches for drugstore foundations for oily skin. This one popped up. And some of the videos were of women in my shade range who were talking about the deeper shades available in the Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-free Foundation I did a double-take and was like their what?!
(This post includes affiliate links. Should you make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to lớn you.)After learning this I searched online & found the store nearest me carried the foundation in a shade that would work for me. Target was it & to my delight, there was a Cartwheel discount available as well as an Ibotta cash back offer. So I wouldn’t have to pay full price to try out the foundation.After a few months of using the foundation, I also decided lớn purchase và try the corresponding mineral powder.

What they are. What they do

The Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder & Foundation claim to lớn be “the first & only liquid foundation formulated with MicroClear® Technology.” This giải pháp công nghệ is supposed to lớn dissolve oil and quickly treat breakouts via salicylic acid. Additionally, both products claim to lớn be non-comedogenic so they don’t clog pores. & since I have acne-prone and oily-to-combination skin this sounded perfect.The foundation also claims to provide a natural look with a breathable feel & controlled shine. It comes in a 1-ounce bottle which is a typical form size for liquid foundations. But it doesn’t have a pump. So you have to lớn shake the foundation out onto something lượt thích a sponge or your hands lớn apply it.The mineral powder comes with a two-sided puff with each side of the puff meant lớn help you apply the powder to lớn get your desired màn chơi of coverage. The orange side of the puff is used khổng lồ mattify your t-zone. The white side is khổng lồ be used to lớn smooth the powder all over your face for a fresh và natural look.

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The trial period

I purchased the Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-free Foundation and Mineral Powder in the darkest shade available - Chestnut. The swatches online look a lot darker than they vày in person but I think that’s true for most makeup.To apply both the foundation I use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. The foundation pretty much melts into my skin. The shade Chestnut is a really good match và blends into my skin nicely.I would say the type of coverage it provides is medium at best when built up. This works for me though because I’m not a tín đồ of full coverage foundations for my every day và don’t have so many blemishes that need to lớn be covered up.

The mineral powder I started using several weeks after the foundation. I also apply it with my makeup sponge. It gives me an even và mattified look that lasts for a few hours. I can typically go about 5 or so hours without having to lớn blot if I’m spending most of my time indoors. The one downside is that despite being the same shade as the foundation, the powder looks a bit lighter, & applying too much gives my face a light cast.I can’t necessarily say I’ve seen any drastic change in my skin. I still have the occasional breakout or pimple. Some of them will disappear quickly, others have lingered longer than I’d like them to.

The pros và cons

Overall I really like the foundation because of the way it blends into my skin, it doesn’t irritate my skin & can withstand my oily skin for a decent amount of time. It feels lượt thích I’m not even wearing foundation.I don’t lượt thích though that it doesn’t have a pump và isn’t in a squeeze bottle so I have to lớn shake the foundation out on the back of my hand và use either my sponge or fingers to lớn apply it to my face. This can be a bit messy & even a bit unsanitary.The mineral powder I’m not really sold on. It doesn’t seem to help control shine any more than other powders I’ve used. It also gives my skin that light cast I mentioned so my face looks unnaturally light for 30 minutes or so until it settles a bit on my face.I’ve used the powder for touch-ups a few times and that also provided me mixed reviews. Using the orange side of the puff did restore the mattified look in my t-zone that I was shooting for. The white side though just made a mess of my foundation when I tried sweeping it across my face.Overall I have lớn say that I will continue to lớn use the foundation but the jury is still out on the mineral powder.